segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013

It is in the midst of pain

It is in the midst of pain and adversity of life is that the believer seeks most to you, it is a proven fact that most, we can not seek God only Guando things around us will do well, we must seek the Lord in the midst joy and pain.

All what happens to his servant, the Lord GOD this on top of everything, he does not forsake us nor leave us in difficult situations, he did not fail the people of Israel in Egypt, freed them from the terrible bondage that had lasted four hundred thirty years of pure servitude.

In the hour of pain try to understand that there is a purpose to it, and that God is working, he is in control of everything, and if you find yourself going through this difficult situation is because you really need to go through it to learn what you really God wants you to learn, God puts us through the desert in order to get in shape and in the position he wants, that actually come.

It is in the midst of pain and distress we got over to God, and hear his voice more, is in the midst of pain that predemos with our mistakes, never to commit them.

                             In Christ: Elaine
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