terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2013


In our everyday life the day day, is always in need of repairs, it is always a little something that needs to go through a review.
Our life with God is no different, we must always be looking to the Lord God for what is broken or is missing in our lives can be repaired.
When we seek ha GOD with all our heart he fills us with what is missing in us., When we go to church to worship the Lord, we are spiritual inda workshop here on earth, there we find the pieces that we need, always in my prayers I ask God to break me and make me new, make me a new vessel, that is to say to God, make me fix mi again.
The workshop is a place to put pieces and fix things that need to repair vehicles like cars, this is a natural workshop here on earth where many go looking for something concert., The workshop of God is no different, many will the house of the Lord with all sorts of mechanical problems, diseases of the soul is the spirit, tired, fatigued, hardened hearts with hatred, hatred without love, sorrow, anguish, and so on, the devil makes a real mess as Amaco great that only the lord jesus to fix.

When we raise our hands up and accept Jesus Christ as Savior of our souls, automatically the holy spirit of God comes into us as a repairman, he is the one who fills us when we feel alone, sad, he is the one who brings us relief.
GOD is incessantly seek to have all our new parts, with the anointing oil, the lubrication of the holy spirit, fills ment of God's power in our lives, always seek God, pour out before him and var here on earth in spiritual workshop, look for a church and feel renewed.

                        In Christ: Elaine

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