terça-feira, 24 de setembro de 2013

open book.

I see a lot of people out there saying " My life is an open book ," I will tell you the same ? .
             An open book face will have access to all content contained in its pages is only seen them and will read, unlike the closed book that we have to open it to have access to the content of your pages , many books are sealed until not to be read .
 My life with God has been an open book before him do not hide anything, I open up and tell him everything that 's wrong with me , I'm glad cry , I shed before the living God , he is the only one who understands me . I have two personalities 'm the same inside and outside the church .
Many believers have dual personalities , live lied to the pastor of the church , hiding the truth from others in the church is one thing , and another is at home at work or on the street is unrecognizable , even says that his life is an open book . ,
Ananias and Sapphira tried to deceive the servants of God , saw that eventually led the couple . Read Acts of the Apostles ch. 5:1 11.
David's life was an open book in front of you, many people think they can do whatever one will know , that no wind ta , ta completely wrong , you with your eyes contemplates everything and everyone , your neighbor , your ate family may not know about who you are actually, but God knows everything, so do not go saying that his life is an open book .
Very only has the book cover content that is good moths have gnawed , what does that mean many say that his life is an open book , but it is actually only appearance, my mother always says _ Elaine heart is earth nobody will , my mother tells a great truth .
Give an example of a life of good conduct spire others to be what you will , the apostle Paul 's example and to this day , many times I read some letters of Paul to the Corinthians and mainly get inspired them , this man of God who suffered severe trials all for the love of work is a great example of open book.
Be a good example wherever it is, for everyone to look at you and see God in your life .
* Do not forget : Opened book is where all have the process and its pages are true .
                                      In Christ : Elaine .
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