quinta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2013


Ties means : Alliance , Link. , It is good to have an alliance and bond with someone , have a friendship better.

 A friend is one to worry about you , that treats you well , do not cheat , always has a friendly word of comfort to give you in times of pain and difficulty always be by your side cheering , praying for you .

Has many childhood friends who made ​​a pact , an alliance to be friends for a lifetime , watching a news report on TV had the pleasure of watching a true example of friendship ties , sixteen friends since childhood continue to maintain the friendship stronger than ever, they always come together , each group watched growing every friend , marry, have children , grandchildren and even sadder to see the best older friend to come will die , it is the bond of friendship is not the same .

Nowadays it is very difficult to find people like this friendship to offer , find yes, but with half of these qualities , a person who is 100 % and more is still only O JESUS ​​CHRIST , Jesus is our true friend .

Friendship with someone around us is fundamental , it is not good for man to live alone , alone, with no one to talk to , we need to bond friendships at school, at work, in the neighborhood , in the vicinity of our home even better, if you need help or something happens to us, we use below . , so it's good to have a good relationship with everyone around us .

Have a good relationship and treat everyone with respect is favorable at times when we need help .

Give Mos good night , good morning , good afternoon will not kill anyone , Mos greet those sitting next to us is good and will only bring benefits to ourselves, show that we are polite. , Will make the difference is everything.

Get rid of shyness once and be free to make friendships and achievements, friendships and trust of others, have someone who can tell Mos is always great.

Has a bible passage that I love , and make a lot for a little and ponder .
Loves at all times the friend , and a brother is born in anguish .
Proverbs 17.17 .

Has good ties healthy friendships , and do not forget , friendship with the mute is enmity with God .

obs . Has not only a friendship , has a brother .

                                 In Christ : Elaine
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