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The Great Journey

I'm preparing for a big trip that I will do at any time , for years now I 'm preparing for this trip anxiously in my hand luggage only bring you to faith and soul to gain God here , the hotel and the passages already been paid for more than two thousand years ago , only agreed to do this trip that will be eternal .

Pay Attention Well this illustration below :

There is an old story about a king who, according to the customs of the time , had his jester . These jesters had the right to tell the truth to the kings and princes , even if it was bitter . If she was too bitter , just it was said : " He's just a fool ! "

One day the king gave the fool a scepter silver with golden bells on the end and said, " Surely you are the biggest fool there is. If you ever find one that will be stupider than you , so give this rod . "

The fool carried the scepter for many years - until the day he received the news that the king was dying . He went to the sick room and said : " My king , I heard that you intend to make a great trip ! "

" I do not want , but need," replied the king .

" Oh , do you need? Then there is a power that is above upon earth . Well , but you sure will be back soon " " No," cried the king , " do not back the land to which I go . "

The fool tried to console him : " Surely you have prepared this trip for a long time . Imagine that you have taken all the steps to be royally received in this land where no one around . "

The king shook his head : " I forgot it. Never had time to prepare for this trip . " Then surely you did not know that one day he would have to make this trip . "

Know , I know . But , as I said , there was no time to occupy myself with good preparation .

So the fool slowly put the rod on the bed of the king and said :

" You ordered me that this scepter to him that I was more foolish . Rei take the scepter ! You knew it had to enter eternity and that there is no return. And even then did not bother to make the eternal dwellings you were open . Rei , you are the biggest fool ! "

This illustration makes us reflect and will travel is for those who do not prepare for it .

This great trip will be no turning back , only if you have trip tickets and two categories of Class A Pass In Eternity With Christ , and Class B Suffering In Hell Forever .

I'm sad to know that many people have chosen the class B , because it seems to be easier to pay the ticket, that is where they mistake the class already pays as people are deluded with the proposal that the devil does when it offers a accent best in class B , the iludes him with false promises , so many souls have come every day to hell .

Many say I will not die now I'm too young I have a whole life ahead , that is where we are wrong again when the driver ( Death ) knocks on your door to take you to the place to take the trip , you have no choice no point in saying that is too young to go, because when your time here on earth is just no use running .

Do not invest anything on this earth for the big trip to go to , because it will lose its time, The Bible says in Psalm 14:1 :

Fools think, God does not exist , and so do not think for even a moment in eternity and what comes after death .
 But do everything to get something in this life . Invest for it all his time , strength and money , yet the title of your life is : are fools .
Can even get all that is possible in this world , but miss the mark , because it is written in Luke 9:25 What advantage will someone gain the whole world , even if it is lost or if it is destroyed ?

Do not refuse when the the seller agency " Heaven" offer the tickets already paid for and even more first- class baby ! , This is Chic , Chic is first class! do not be fooled to choose another travel option will regret it for life ops ! or better for all eternity be like to have them return .

                                         In Christ : Elaine
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